5 Hats You Would Be Proud to Wear at a Wedding

Weddings are amazing occasions where everyone is happy and joyful about the union of two people coming together in love. Although there is one thing that is a staple at any wedding and that is the hat, a strong statement piece and something that represents so much elegance in a wedding ceremony. So here is a list of 5 wedding hats that will make you look and feel fabulous on the day.



The first hat is a simple occasion hat that you would perhaps see the Queen wearing or members of the royal family. It is the hat with a medium/large circular rim and centre circle where your head will fit. This is a classy and traditional look that would be better suited for the perhaps more senior family members who want to maintain their sophistication in the wedding party. It suits more of a traditional outfit possibly a long skirt and jacket combination, or a dress and jacket together, where the hat adds that extra maturity to the outfit.


Classic Sinamey

This is like the occasion hat, but it has a thinner outer circle and is slightly slanted on the head. This is something that I would picture the mothers of the bride/groom, aunties, and all those kinds of age groups wearing because it is not ageing like the occasion hat but still has traditionalism and class attached with it. This is for people who rather wear a full hat than a smaller version without aging themselves beyond their years. I personally think this hat is very elegant and goes very well with both dresses and a skirt styled wedding outfits.



This is edging away from the full hat look that the other two presents. The teardrop hat is flat and slightly slanted on top of your head, plus it is quite long. It is very good at extenuating long neck lines and creating a modern wedding look that is also sophisticated. This hat would look great with a slim dress as it goes out quite big so putting them both together adds a lot more angles and interesting symmetry with your outfit. This is a hat for someone that wants to be a little more daring and individual with their look and also wants to remain looking youthful, as many wedding clothes/looks can age many people.



Similar to the teardrop the saucer is also a flat, slanted hat except it is circular and much smaller on your head. This is more of an understated hat that would not attract too much attention to it, which is brilliant if you are more of a shy person but still want to wear a hat with your wedding outfit. There are so many different designs and colours to suit your outfit, so you do not need to worry about a colour clash.


Pill Box

Now this is more of a statement piece as a pill box hat is a small circular hat that sits on top of your head and is normally accompanied with a veil across the front of it. This hat usually airs some mystery with your outfit and makes you look like the person in the room with a secret, this is probably because many people in movies, where this kind of hat is worn, are hiding something or have a mystery attached to them! Regardless, if you are someone who likes to make a statement and not look like everyone else then a pill box hat should do this perfectly.


I hope that this post has helped you to decide which wedding hat you’ll be wearing for your next event and remember to make sure you are comfortable wearing it. If you hate big hats then don’t wear a big hat just for a wedding day, try to match your regular fashion with your wedding attire.