First Date Nerves and How to Calm Them

It is normal to get nervous on a first date. In fact, it is healthy to be a little bit anxious. However, you don’t want to be so overly nervous that you are not excited for the date or are unable to feel confident. It is best to go on a first date with a slight feeling of apprehension, but largely feeling excited and relaxed. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to calm first-date nerves.

Calming the First Date Nerves

First date nerves; the butterflies you get in your stomach right before you meet someone new, the ones that make you wonder if you look OK, if you’ll have anything to say, or if you’ll make a fool of yourself. These feelings are natural on a first date. But if you focus on them, you’ll only make them worse. Instead, try focusing on something else like why you’re really meeting this person or how much you like the restaurant you’re meeting at.

First dates can be nerve-wracking experiences, and the shower is a great place to relax before your first date. Getting ready by wearing your favorite dress gives you so much joy and a bit of tension at times. You may be worried if your skin looks good or if there’s too much hair. Some people tend to make use of Semper Laser Hair Removal Treatment or something similar to get rid of all the unwanted hair and have a smooth skin. These treatments may also help you in not rushing every time you have a date and are concerned about your hair on the legs or elsewhere.

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Once everything is sorted, follow this process to make sure you’re as calm as a cat:

  1. Turn on the shower at a temperature you find comfortable.
  2. Slowly undress to your level of comfort.
  3. Get in the shower and use a plush, spa-like shower puff to exfoliate your skin in a circular pattern gently.
  4. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and body.
  5. Turn off the shower and use a towel to pat your skin dry.
  6. Get dressed.
  7. Leave the house.

To calm some of the tension before a first date, experts recommend taking a few deep breaths or showering to relax. So, what is it about a warm shower that helps release anxiety? Well, it could be that showering helps you relax by giving you a small sense of control over the situation. If you’re nervous about what to wear or how to act, you can decide what to wear and how long to stay in the shower, and for some, that small sense of control can be enough to calm nerves.

Other Calming Tips for Fist Date Nerves

If you’ve never gone on a first date, you may think that the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach is normal. It’s actually a perfectly normal reaction to something that is usually quite out of the ordinary. The natural balance of things is thrown off as you prepare for a first date, and your body is reacting with a healthy dose of stress hormones. The way to calm first-date nerves is not to fight your body’s reaction. Instead, learn to work with it and use it to your advantage.

Here several tips that will help you calm down before your first date:

  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable. The key is to find pieces that you feel good in and that will take you from day to day with ease. The last thing you want to do is to feel uncomfortable and unhappy with an outfit that you will need to wear for the whole day.
  • If you’ve got first-date jitters, try aromatherapy to calm your nerves before your first date. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to improve your mental state. The use of scented oils to heal illnesses, calm nerves, and boost energy levels is now a growing trend in the Western world. The practice is also quickly gaining popularity in the Asian continent.
  • Use cannabinoids in the build up to the date. There are cannabinoids, which are derived from the hemp plant, that can help people to feel calm and relaxed. The two most popular are CBD and delta 8 THC, which can be purchased from the Area52 website (here: You can even get them in the form of little gummies that you can take with you in case you need to discreetly consume any during the date. These gummies often come in colorful edible packaging that makes them look like a regular bag of sweets or vitamins, so you won’t need to worry about drawing attention to them whilst out and about.
  • Listen to your favorite upbeat music to calm your nerves. According to a recent study, people who listen to music before a first date feel less nervous than those who talk on the phone or to friends. In fact, the music they listen to is best when it is upbeat and positive.
  • Exercise before the big night. Toning your body and mind with an early morning workout can make you feel more confident and comfortable when you finally get to your date.

Let’s face it: it is nerve-wracking to go on your first date with someone new. You want to make a good impression, but you’re not sure where to take them. You want to have a good time, but you’re worried about making a mistake. You want the date to be perfect, but you are worried about it being awkward. The best thing you can do for yourself before the date is to relax. This means making sure not to overthink the date. Take a couple of deep breaths, do some stretches, maybe even go for a walk. Remember that the date is about getting to know your date, not about impressing them.