The Sleigh Ride Experience at Whistler 

If you are looking for a sleigh ride to bring the magic of Christmas alive, then Whistler is a place where you can do it. There is plenty of snow. It is, after all, known for its skiing and snowboarding and the powdery snow that makes that possible.

To help you work out your holiday plans we will take a look at Blackcomb Sleigh Rides and what kind of experience is possible at Whistler when it is a horse-drawn sled that you want to dash through the snow on. Your family will enjoy the experience of all doing it together.

When do the Sleigh Rides Run at Whistler?

The season for sleigh riding at Whistler will begin at the end of November and then run until the end of March. This means that you can choose when to have your Christmas. You just need to bear in mind that this range of months will be dependant on the weather allowing the sleigh ride to go ahead.

What to Pack to Make the Sleigh Riding Experience More Pleasurable

Warm clothing will be essential to enjoying your sleigh ride. Anything that you like to use to wrap up when it is snowy or cold at home will therefore be needed. Gloves are ideal for sleighing because of the individual pockets in them. They are more useful than mittens in terms of providing the dexterity needed for handling the sleigh.  

Family members can wear mittens and will find that they are both durable and waterproof. That is as long as they receive the occasional wax treatment to retain their waterproofing. Mittens are generally warmer when it comes to dealing with colder conditions.

Toques will be worn in arctic conditions. They are a type of hat that has a narrow brim, or sometimes no brim at all. The principle of its use in snowy conditions is that it is a close-fitting hat. This special type of warm knitted cap is traditionally made from wool and normally worn in the winter.

Making the Most of Your Experience

To make the most of your experience on the sleigh at whistler, it is important to remember your camera. You can then show everyone back at home how magical the experience that you had was. It is about recreating that childhood and movie experience of Santa and Rudolph riding through the snow. 

Many of us will dream of riding a sleigh, and at Whistler, it is possible to experience for real. They have the perfect conditions to recreate the experience as you think of it and to make it memorable. There is nothing like the sights and sounds of moving along on a sleigh with horses pulling you along. The Percherons used with sleighs are known for their gentle nature.

We can now look forward to a sleigh ride experience at Whistler, knowing much more about it. There are times of the year when it is possible and we have the magic of the experience that is not possible to have everywhere. 

Firstly, we need snow, then we need some special horses, and finally those skilled handlers to show us the ropes. The beauty of a sleigh ride is the scenery that we experience while doing it. It is enjoyable and breathtaking to travel on a traditional sleigh. We will feel in control much more than when we are driving a modern car that practically drives itself these days.

Sleighing has that association with Christmas and the holiday season and so feels like a special experience because of that. We all want experiences that remind us of something that we always dreamed of doing. We can see them as an experience to tick off our list of must-do adventures. It makes no sense to delay this experience when you have a family that will enjoy it so much.