3 Suit Designers That Have Tailored Their Suits to the Customer

Men’s fashion has grown so much over recent years and allowed people to express themselves with the fashion they are wearing. One of the most lucrative things in men’s fashion is designer suits that give men the sophistication and professionalism to charge the day and live life confidently.


Emporio Armani

I think when you think of designer suits you almost always think of Armani, they are really one of the Kings of men’s designer fashion and never fail to provide confidence in all of their looks. They obviously have the smart black, grey, and navy more regular styled suits that can be tailored for the individual, but they also produce various colours and patterns, with one of my personal favourites being the large, checked suits that they have, which adds a bit of extra style to the suit. Some of the dinner jackets have the 4-button option whilst other have the more traditional two or one button combinations. This adds some personality and an extra layer of comfort for the individual so they can cater their look towards themselves rather than looking exactly like all the other men in the room. Armani provides a lot of different styles and fabrics that really impacts the men’s fashion realms in terms of suits.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford has the reputation of having flashier and statement suits, with wider lapels and a larger variety of materials. Whether it is a navy velvet suit jacket or a patterned evening jacket, if you are wearing this outfit then you best be ready for the looks of envy across the room. One of the key aspects of these jackets is that they are usually only 1 or 2 buttons with people often only utilizing the one button look. I would say that these jackets are more for events rather than in a workplace because of the statement they make within a room, and if you are buying a Tom Ford suit you want to be able to show off the best of what the designer can produce. If you have always dreamed of being James Bond, then this suit will take you one step closer to buying a martini shaken not stirred in the right style.


Ralph Lauren

If you are looking for something very different and more vibrant then looking through the Ralph Lauren collection would be the best thing for you. From plaid designs to vibrant colours, and wide peak lapels, to represent something unique towards the consumer. Of course, they also produce very regular dinner and work jackets, if you are looking for a look along those lines but I would investigate the full collection to see some of these unique designs to go out confident and impress your friends without looking like everyone else in the room. Wearing something different does not have to be wacky or out of the norm but you can still look professional for work and wow everyone with your confidence and personality. You can tell that they put the consumer at the forefront of their minds when planning their collections.


To conclude there are many designers that put their effort into producing collections with their consumers in mind, but these three are some that really grabbed my attention when I was looking at all the collections produced by designers. I like how they all have something unique within their collections whether it is understated or dramatic so there is always something for everyone to wear and enjoy. The most important thing with fashion is comfort and confidence, so ensuring the fit is right and you don’t feel out of place is the best thing you can do.