Why Is Your Ex Texting You? These 6 Reasons Will Best Explain It

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate with your friends, family, or significant other, but you may find that your ex is always trying to get in touch. Whether the reason for this is that the person is trying to get back together with you or just engaging with you since he misses you, you’ll want to manage these communications with care. Read more to know about the reasons why your ex is still texting you.

Why is he or she still texting you?

You’ve worked hard at getting over your ex; you have a beautiful new life and are on top of your game. You might think that you are moving on, but then suddenly you get a text from an ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend), and you find yourself thinking back to the good old times. What’s going on? How do you know if your ex is texting you to try to make amends or just to hurt you? Let’s decode the reason your ex is still texting you:

  1. Your ex is just wanting to express their bitterness. You have been through a breakup, and your ex is texting you non-stop, but you think she’s just being friendly, and you are wrong. She is trying to show you she doesn’t want you to move on, and she is making you miserable, right? But what if you are wrong and she is the one being mean and nasty? Well, we don’t know for you. Perhaps he or she is hoping that the chat will convince you that you’re still wanted.
  2. He or she is genuinely guilty. So, you have been broken up with, and you were expecting your ex to move on, but he still texting you? Well, he might be genuinely sorry, as this is the most common reason why he is moving on. What is important is that you have accepted his apology and moved on with your life.
  3. It’s just out of habit. The number one motive for your ex is texting you is out of habit. People tend to be a lot more forgiving about a lot of things when it comes to texting. Sometimes people just forget to end their messages or send them when sleeping. But it is frustrating to get an unexpected text from your ex on your phone, even if you are expecting it. So, if you want to make it harder for your ex to reach you, it is a clever idea to change your phone number.
  4. They’re coming back – for the sex. You are probably asking yourself at this point: why is my ex texting me? The truth is your ex isn’t texting you to talk about how much they miss you or how long they want to spend with you. Texting is a way to track you and make sure you aren’t doing anything they don’t want you to do or going out with someone. But apparently, your ex just misses your action in bed. They may be doing this because they miss the sex. If you have finally moved on and are still in the right mind, you know that this is already wrong. It is possible that you might also be craving some naughty action. In that case, you are better off chatting dirty with online cam models on Boink Stream or a similar website. So, it’s high time to block his or her number.
  5. Just checking – your ex just wanted to know if you have already moved on. For many people, the issue of staying in touch with their friends and family is one of the most important things about staying in touch with their ex. So, why do so many people end up in a position where they are keeping in touch with their ex via text and not in person? In a lot of cases, it is simply down to a lack of communication between the two people. This can be as simple as one person being more active on social media than the other, which may mean they are trying to get in touch with their ex more often than needed. However, it is also possible that there is something else at play: the ex’s current whereabouts.
  6. They wanted you back. Sometimes, it’s easy to understand why your ex is texting you, but sometimes it’s not. She may just need some space, or she may be trying to patch things up. Or maybe she finally realized her mistake and wants you back. Whatever the reason, it still depends on you if you want these things to continue or finally put a stop to them.

There are many reasons why your ex is texting you. But whatever the reason, if your ex is texting you, it is a good idea to stop responding to him or her to move forward in your life.